Eagle Rock Community Information

Early Native American settlers, Spanish explorers and missionaries, and Mexican rancho landowners resided in Eagle Rock prior to its founding in 1911. Surrounded by hills, the Eagle Rock Valley was a rural respite far removed from the bustling city. The growth of Eagle Rock was precipitated by the arrival of the Los Angeles Railway streetcar system in 1906. The tracks came from downtown Los Angeles and made travel to the heart of Eagle Rock easy.

Today, Eagle Rock is filled with culturally rich neighborhoods and is largely a haven for those working in various creative fields. The town is being discovered by many working in the nearby entertainment industry as well as by other professionals who yearn for a place with a true sense of community and who cherish a slower paced lifestyle. The Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council is a positive, active force in the community and in events like the weekly Farmerís Market each Friday night.

Eagle Rock is bustling with recreational and cultural activities. The Eagle Rock Recreation Center is a Los Angeles City Department of Recreation & Parks facility offering a wide variety of youth and adult recreational programs. The Eagle Rock Community Cultural Center hosts eclectic cultural exhibits and events and holds art, dance and music classes for children and adults. And there is of course the wide variety of activities that comes from being so close to the heart of one of Americaís best-known cities. There is no end to the number of things one can see and do in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. The reason why residents so enjoy calling Eagle Rock home is that after experiencing the wide variety of all that Los Angeles has to offer, they are able to go home to a more relaxing pace of life in one of the great hidden gems of the L.A. County.

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